My wonderful blessing of family!

My wonderful blessing of family!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Been a while....

So it's been a while since I wrote on my blog, but I've been wanting to write some things down and since I was updating business blog, might as well write here.

Do you ever have those days that you wish you could see what your life would be like had you made a different choice? Like in the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Some days I wonder, and wish I knew how it would be different. Would I be happier? Would I have 4 children? Where would I be living? What would I be doing? What experiences would I have had?
But I realize I know the answers to some of those questions. And I know that I would have missed out on so many things that I have done and people I have met, that I wouldn't want to miss out on those things, those relationships. I know I have been instrumental in helping so many people's lives that I wouldn't want to change that. I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I had that other life.
So now, who would miss me? What would they say about me? Good, bad, indifferent? Would some of those people I think about, even miss me?
I know what I hope people would say about me, how they would feel, so I keep trying to be that person. Sometimes that's not easy. Sometimes I just want to give up and throw in the towel. But I know there are people counting on me, so I pull up my big girl pants and drive on.
But wouldn't it be interesting just to have a dream and be shown....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time flies!

Ok times flies, life gets crazy, too much to do and too little time.
So 2012 catch up...
Luke retired in March, life got settled into routine, kids finished 8th, 6th, 1st and one year of preschool and went on to finish 9th (AHHH high school!!) 7th (AHH he's in middle school!), 2nd, and second year of preschool (ready to go to kindergarden)!!!
Now 2013 has been a good year so far. We have been blessed and we are grateful. We are lucky enough to be able to take care of ourselves and be able to help out some of those around us that have needed help and that we are thankful to give back after we were given help to not that long ago.

Liz is doing her 2nd year of marching band, has her drivers permit!

Tanner is now starting to play violin along with trumpet and loving scouts!
Lars is now in scouts and loving it, and having me teach him piano.
Torben is 5! Crazy!!! He's a handfull still and full of life, ready for kindergarden and doing great!

Our friend Evan is still our "basement troll" and we love him like a brother.

I'm having fun playing with my hobby of photography. I have been taking pictures of all kinds of things. Taking pictures of the band like crazy. And I LOVE it!! I have always loved taking pictures but I am learning a lot and growing in this hobby.

I am also loving learning in the cake making hobby department! And some of my "clients" (my son here) have loved it too.

 I feel like a couple have turned out so well that I had to have a friend who is a professional photographer take some real pictures in his studio. Pictures taken by Richard Keele of Keele Photography.!/RichardKeelePhotography
Now it's summer again. Kids are out of school and some days driving me crazy. Lizzy has marching band practice. She has done 4 parades this summer. We got an above ground swimming pool that the kids wear themselves out in most days. Evan and I finished the back patio. And Luke and I have been educating our children in the ways of Star Trek, watching the movies together as a family. We have been awful parents in waiting this long. LOL


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Far too long... New Start 2012

WOW Almost a year since I have blogged here. Facebook has seemed to take the blog place, where I could put a small comment and not feel like I had to write a paragraph. Although it doesn't tell the full story, sometimes just a quick comment here or there can tell a huge amount to those who know you.
But new year, let's try again. VERY quick ( I hope) update.
Kids in school, Liz is 8th grade, almost 14 now, uuggghhh some days.. teenagers... Sorry mom and dad!!! Loves her foods, com tech and art classes. Not loving her math so much as the school messed up and she missed the first quarter of it, and is playing catch up. : (
Tanner, just turned 12, recieved the priesthood last Sunday and was called as deacons second counselor, in 6th grade and has great grades. Made it into Alice in Wonderland, as a cast member playing a card, which is the part he wanted, : )
Lars, will be 7 on Fri and is SOOOO excited I am not sure he will sleep come Thursday night without some sleep meds or something. Maybe we should have turkey for dinner. ; ) He is in 1st and has amazing teachers that I am so very grateful for! He loves school.
Torben is almost 4. He started preschool in Oct and loves it! He gets to ride the bus, even though it's right across the street because he is going because he qualifies for special needs. We had him tested because of his speech but he qualified under cognitive. Hey, we are happy we caught it early and that he is so happy he loves to go to school!
Luke is almost out of the military! We just found out this morning that the military is giving him permanent disability instead of temporary. We were going to go to a formal board but things worked out just today that we don't have to now! So in the next couple months he will be out officially!!
It has been ....... an interesting 15 year ride in the military! It has had it's ups and downs and I really wish that it could have ended on an up part of the ride instead of the down leave a bad taste in your mouth part of the ride. But I know the Lord has His hand in this and I have a big feeling that it is so others don't land in the same situation we were/are in, so I will take this trial so others don't have to.
As for me... I am still the "Senior Executive Administrator/Personal Assistant/Limo (ok really a van) Driver/......" for the Nielsen household and Luke Nielsen and that keeps me quite busy. However I still do my Mary Kay and I am now an Executive on the Board of Directors for Nord Experience (check us out on Facebook!). So I am not busy at all!!! ROFL
2012 will be an interesting year of changes! A fun year for new beginnings! I am going to be thankful and positive! After all, look where I live! Look at my family!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a day.

Well after getting older kids off to sleep, my sweetheart let me head back to bed for a couple hours. I have been so tired and we haven't figured out why yet, it's frustrating, but it's nice at times like this that hubby is home. I need to get back to the dr but I hate going and them not being able to figure it out. And I really hate it when I figure it out before them, like my gallbladder, which should have been taken out 18 months before it did. Then it wouldn't have had to be taken out while pregnant if he had listened when I told him. Or if he had followed up like he should have. Stupid dr! Anyway, need to go back in, just don't want to deal with more appts and stress. But pain and tiredness is getting to me, and getting in the way of life.
Anyway Hubby headed up to lunch with his friend late this morning and I worked on cleaning house. I moved the couches and vacuumed under them and moved them back to where they were before Christmas. Now I can get to my piano a lot easier. The boys had a blast playing under the couches as I cleaned, as I tipped them upside down. They thought the fort was great. I should have gotten pictures. Oh well.
Then I did some laundry, which seems to be an ever greater never ending chore lately. I really can't seem to keep up anymore. Maybe because I am in the middle of changing out clothes that are too small, wrong season, need to be tossed due to too much wear, etc. Maybe we have too many clothes! LOL For the boys that is probably the truest. I keep getting hand me downs from a neighbor, which I will not turn away because I can always use them. As some of the ones from Tanner are too worn out by the time they get to Torben.
Lizzy is needing some new clothes. I don't really get hand me downs for her. I used to when she was little from my cousins kids but haven't in quite some time. And she keeps growing like a weed! Her jeans that I got at the first of the school year, big on purpose, of course are getting too tight. SIGH. So are Tanners, the ones that aren't too short or have huge holes in the knees. LOL And Lars... his are still too big. LOL
Back to today. This afternoon I took Tanner to band and then ran to the store to get some things we needed. First I had to get gas and then I ran to get a hot chocolate from the coffee shop. It's freezing today! Snow and then the wind chill made it bitter cold!! I thought it would be great to drink some yummy hot chocolate while I shopped. Then I get out of the car and start going into the store. And I trip on a stick next to the tree in the parking lot landscaping, that has rocks.... yeah, let's just say, it hurts! I will spare those who can't handle blood, a picture of my knee, which took the worse of it. I went down rolling on the rocks and into the roadway in front of the store, spilled my yummy hot chocolate that I had only had 2 sips of, which spilled in my hair (that I had just washed before leaving, ughh) scrapped my knees, hand, and getting my new coat, that I had only worn 1 other, time all dirty! : ( Not happy! At least no cars were going past right then and ran me over. OUCH! Some nice woman helped me up and I brushed myself off and limped into store, washed off in bathroom and checked out my injuries, and figured I would live. Did my quick shopping. The girl at the checkout is such a sweety, asks me how I am. I tell her, "Don't ask." But she looks at me so, then tell her about falling. I tell her the part I am most upset about is my hot chocolate. LOL She was ready to pull out money for me. I told her not to worry about it. I was pretty sure that when I went back to coffee shop and explained my sad story, they would give me another for free. The owner had been the one to do up my first one. Sure enough when I pulled up and told her I needed a replacement, she asked what was wrong, but after explaining what happened, sure enough, another one on the house. They are so good there!
Sloppy joes for dinner tonight. I just now realize how funny it is for me to come home after this accident and then make sloppy joes for dinner. Although that dinner was picked before the fall. LOL I toasted the buns to try something a little different, and yum! Some just with butter and some with garlic butter.
Tonight when I was reading to Lars for bed, he brought me "Cook a Doodle Doo". It's a book that's a twist on "The Little Red Hen". I wasn't paying 100% attention until I read the first page and then I had to call Krystal and laugh. She didn't answer so I had to text her, "Rooster for the day!" LOL I have talked to a friend about making a rooster apron for her. I can't wait! Rusty says it's old already. hehehe No it's not! I love it!
Tonight seems like it's going to be a long night with Torben. He hasn't been eating very well if at all, and been poking at his ear a little. That may not be anything. But he is just being extra fussy tonight, so I think I am going to take him in to the dr tomorrow. Can't hurt. He started sounding stuffy today, and tonight he is really gassy, although I am not sure what from since he hasn't been eating.
Lizzy has audition for Music Man jr. after school tomorrow. I am excited for her. I really hope she gets a part. Getting into Beauty and the Beast helped her self esteem so much last year, to see that she could do something like that. And I so want her to experience things that I didn't do, that I wish I had. Not huge things, and I won't push her to do things that she doesn't want to, but I know she enjoys this. Last year right before she said she didn't want to do it, but it was because she was scared of auditioning. I am glad that I made her follow through and that she had that experience so that this time she will know what to expect.
Ah the things we do for our children to learn and grow. What it must be like for Heavenly Father. I hadn't thought of it like that before. There have been times where we have pushed kids, Lizzy especially, to do things that we know they need to do or should experience for their good. .... I remember going to Carl's Jr with Lizzy one day and grabbing and dragging her up and through the play structure to the top so she could see how much fun it was. To make her experience that so that she would understand that she would enjoy it. Luke and I just shook our heads as she fought me, knowing full well that when it was over, we would have to drag her away. And then in the end, having to drag her away because she was having too much fun. And the next time there was no need to drag her up, she now knew. LOL
How often does Heavenly Father shake His head at us? Trying to lead us to experiences that are for our good, but we fight Him. And then when we finally get through it and realize how it was for our good, He smiles. But sometimes we don't realize in our limited understanding how important it probably really was for us. Sometimes we get a glimpse of that later with 20/20 hindsight. But I am sure that there are millions of experiences everyday that we don't even realize have significance, and won't until we are on the other side again. There's my AHA thinking moment for the day. : )

Monday, January 31, 2011

So while cooking dinner Lizzy decided that she didn't want I was making so she went to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich. She grabbed the peanut butter and turned, seriously 5 seconds later, if that, and the honey was missing. Guess who had it?!! And what he was doing?
OH seeing how it looks on the floor! Pretty huh?! AARRGGG!!!!

And this is just a few minutes before Bishop Bill Ackley and Elders quorum president, Garrett show up at the door for a visit! LOL Yeah, they sat and visited while Liz and I scooped up honey. SIGH. Well Garrett, who used to be our home teacher, had a carpet cleaner he offered to loan us. Which is good, because ours wasn't working right and I knew that I needed to clean the carpet, as if it's not bad enough, at least where the honey was. Because where the honey would just grab every little particle of dirt!

The honey bear was nearly full before..... And after.... Needless to say, I need to buy more honey.

It's a good thing that they look so cute sleeping. And it's a good thing that he is #4 and I am starting to realize, I wish I would have with #1 more, that these little things are but a passing moment and they grow up so fast! And as I told Liz to get the camera and she said, really? I said yes because we'll laugh later. Really I was half laughing then, just not at having to clean up the honey. And as Garrett said, and he couldn't do it in the kitchen, where it would be easy to clean up.
Well, no.. that would be easy. LOL Oh well. It won't matter in another month. Really, it doesn't matter now.

It's stuff. Just stuff. And he's growing up so fast!! They all are! Lizzy will be 13 in a few months!
Where does it go? I knew it would fly by, but not this fast! And even now that I know it goes so fast, it almost seems to go faster. I knew I wanted them to grow up and experience life and do all that they were sent to earth to do, but I did also know I didn't want it. I want them to stay kids as long as possible. I really do. I have a hard time sometimes pushing them to do some things because of it I think. It's a fault. Not the important things, but those little things that they probably should do, but I don't make them. I'll regret later probably.
Liz has said she just wants to grow up. Luke and I have told her we don't' want her to. We want her to enjoy being a kid as long as possible. She doesn't understand this. I guess we don't as kids. We just see that there are so many things that we can't do as a kid and we want to do them, so we want to grow up. And then we are there and we wish we could go back and take it slower. There's that song that talks about a little girl growing up and they parents tell her she'll want this back, the childhood, the being a newlywed, the little kid stage, when she says she wants to grow up.
I'm trying to enjoy and to remember to take the days like they are the last. Make the things that matter most, be more important and show that they are more important. And not worry so much about the little things and the things that won't matter in the long run. I still have a lot of improvement I can make. But I am trying to make the memories count more. I just keep trying, and that's all I can do.
On that note.. LOL Here's one of those good memories... Got to love technology by the way!

I am such a slave driver!! It was so hard to sound stern and I couldn't keep sounding like it at the end. It's too bad that my kids know me too well. Slave driver, LOL. He was having fun with the vacuum though. Then he saw me with the camera and the vacuum was all forgotten. He loves the camera!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boys birthdays

January always is the start of a new year but it's always the start of birthdays for us! It is always a time for me to remember how time flies and how big my children are getting. Reflect on how grateful I am to have these beautiful children. Tanner who was 3 weeks early. Lars who was my Iraq baby. My distraction, who I never would have gotten pregnant had I known Luke was going to Iraq. But was, as much as it was hard to have a new little one with two other small children, a huge blessing as a distraction to keep me busy.

Tanner turned 11 this year. Amazing that the world was wondering what would happen when the count down to 2000 would hit and I was just wanting a baby to come! LOL And although 3 weeks early, you would never know it now! He is growing so fast and is so smart!
He asked for a Build a Bear this year, along with a couple other things. Camo, with a camo outfit, that did the Star Wars theme song. Lizzy and I went to Nutcracker on New Year's Eve and stopped at Build a Bear after and made it for him. It was so much fun! We put it in a jedi outfit that we were going to tease him with but he saw the box before I got it up to my room to hide it.

This is the cake he picked this year. This was a project and it didn't turn out quite as nice as I would have hoped but good enough for him. And it tasted great! Bottom was chocolate and the middle was white and the tower although may look like it might be cake, is plastic. But the spiderman swings around the tower.

Here is his bear in the Jedi outfit. The bear's name is Jackson Ewok Nielsen. Lizzy picked the first name, I picked the middle name, which when we were dressing him and the ears stuck through the outfit I said he looks like an ewok, so the middle name! ; )
Lars, of course, wanted a Build a Bear for his birthday. LOL I took him to build his own bear. We talked on the way and he had said that maybe he would do a cat. However when he saw the camo bear, well you can see, we couldn't change his mind as much as we tried! (My friend Joie is the manager.) He even wanted to put the same sound in. We did convince him that he can't do that. So his has a roar instead and in the nose. Tanner's is in the arm and I won't do that again!
He picked out the Darth Vader outfit and said his and Tanner's bear could fight. LOL
Then for the bear's name, he went to go for Darth Vader, of course. I told him that the bear wouldn't always be in that outfit. We did get another one. He said, "Well then his name is Taggy." "Taggy?" "Yes. Taggy." as he points to a spot on the Darth Vader outfit belt. LOL
For his cake, he chose a Hoe to Train Your Dragon cake. It was MUCH simpler than Tanner's! It turned out awesome, if I do say so myself.
But I have learned that I think I am going to have to start investing a little in the good frosting to make them look really good if it's anymore than this. For the mountain in the back corner I had to stiffen the frosting with powdered sugar, and then freeze it again.
My cupboard is already full of cake decorating stuff that I think I need to get a container to put it all in. LOL The kids love picking out their cake and I love doing them. Joies' girls were looking at the book to find their cakes. LOL I think Joie's birthday is actually next.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

WOW time flies!

Torben with his camera he got for Christmas. He loves to take pictures. This one he can drop and not worry about him braking it. Doesn't take the greatest pictures but until I get a new camera this needs to be his so he doesn't brake the one camera that does work.

Lizzy with her porcelin doll she got from Grandma and Grandpa Runyon for Christmas. She named her Olivia and loves her!

Lars and Torben watching the train go around the tree at Aunt Adrienne's house. We went for dinner and to see the lights at Temple square.

SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW. Ok we have had years with more, but this was a good dumping. And the kids loved it!

For family home evening we made gingerbread house. They had a blast. And aren't they cute?