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Volcano of some of life... (LONG)

While I have written here and there in a personal journal, I still have not been consistent, even in that. And now looking back at this blog and looking over some posts, I am amazed at memories that I had forgotten, or remembered differently than what they were, and I am again reminded at the quote that I have at the top of my blog, for a reason, that journaling is so important, for so many reasons.
We have been listening to the soundtrack to Muona the movie, and how they pass down their stories from generation to generation. Their culture and stories and lives are all passed down. Except the explorer part, that part was forgotten. How easy it is to forget a part of ourselves and our heritage if we do not pass it down. How easy it is to forget what can happen, what can strength us, or bring us down, or give us joy, or what is just a part of who we are if we do not remember, in whatever way we can, by word, story, pictures or journaling.
So maybe I can get better at it. And need to. My…

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